Interface PulseSessionListener

public interface PulseSessionListener
This interface is used by a PulseSession to communicate with your application. It will inform your application of the proper time to perform certain actions, or when some events have occurred.
  • Method Summary

    Modifier and Type Method Description
    void illegalOperationOccurred​(Error error)
    An illegal operation has occurred.
    default void preloadNextAd​(PulseVideoAd ad)
    when called, you should start preloading the given ad.
    void sessionEnded()
    The session has ended.
    void showPauseAd​(PulsePauseAd ad)
    When called, you should display the provided pause ad.
    void startAdBreak​(PulseAdBreak adBreak)
    When called you should pause playback of the content (if it was playing), and prepare your user interface for video ad playback.
    void startAdPlayback​(PulseVideoAd ad, float timeout)
    When called you should start playback of the given ad.
    void startContentPlayback()
    When called you should start (or resume) playback of the content.